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Correspondence has seen an extraordinary change with the advancement of VOIP innovation. To the extent a business is worried, there might have particular objectives and targets, with a decent correspondence framework your business can accomplish the coveted correspondence objectives. VOIP based arrangements stretch out a large number of advantages to the organizations; it empowers the business to upgrade the efficiency and gainfulness, enhances the nature of correspondence, includes various augmentations as the business develop, diminish the phone expenses et cetera. You can help the foundation with the IP based phone frameworks. When you have chosen to revamp or execute new IP PBX frameworks for your business in Dubai, a great IP communication supplier can offer arrangements with the privilege PBX frameworks. With regards to the phone frameworks NEC IP PBX Dubai would be an insightful decision.

NEC Corporation is the leading global player involved in the manufacturing of advanced telephone system and IP phones to the industries of all sizes. The phone systems from NEC is a flexible communication solution for every industry – combining the best of technology, the company has the capacity to meet the customer needs in a wonderful way.

Office PBX is dedicated to bringing the best of a telephone system with the NEC Phones Dubai. We are recognized as the leading IP telephony provider that are skillful in designing and installing comprehensive IP solutions to the business of all sizes. As a trustworthy IP solution provider UAE, what you can expect from us are:

  • Quality solutions in an affordable way
  • You can expect solutions that are scalable and reliable
  • Unified communication solutions to all type of industries
  • Implementing advanced systems and solutions
  • Post-implementation customer and technical support

NEC has in store wide range of IP PBX systems including SL100 and the Univerge SV9000 series.

NEC SL1000: You can end the search for a suitable PABX system with the NEC SL1000 IP PBX system. It is brilliant with the advanced PBX features and options which has the capacity to meet the complex business communication demands. It is best for the Small and medium business environments, home offices and other small offices. Some of the features of this system include

  • It is affordable
  • Scalable architecture
  • Quality and productive communication
  • Good power consumption
  • Energy efficient
  • Advanced IP PBX features
  • ISDN connectivity
  • Voicemail integration
  • Built in Auto answer

Univerge SV9000 series: In order for your business to be smarter and efficient you need a good communication system. NEC Univerge SV9000 series is designed to fulfill your communication goals in an effective way. It also makes your business efficient, productive and reliable too. The series consists of the systems including SV9100, SV9300 and SV9500.

  • NEC Univerge SV9100: it has been designed for the small and medium business environment. It is appropriate for meeting the today’s communication challenge and is built to improve productivity as the business grows. Its features include Application integration, scalability, advanced features and so on.
  • NEC Univerge SV9300: it is featured with the advanced functionalities that are required by the most business environments. It helps the business to optimize the processes and push the workforce engagement and create competitive advantage. The advanced features are versatile architecture, Supports up to 1536 stations and 512 trunks, lower carriage costs and more. It is easy to deploy and scalable.