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Grandstream Telephone  –  Dubai

Grandstream Telephone over the last years, the world has witnessed a drastic development in the communication technology. In the changing environment, it is ideal to choose systems that produce desired results for your business. As communication holds an important element, particularly in cities, business is forced to accept advanced system such as the VOIP technology. With the introduction of VOIP, a major shift in the communication set up has happened – allowing the business communication to be simple, reliable and cost effective. At the core of the business phone system is the PBX that makes the connections between internal telephones and connect them to the PSTN network through the telephone networks. VOIP technology allowed to make the communication (internet access, VOIP communication, traditional telephone communication) via a broadband line. The latest development in the PBX is the VOIP based PBX also known as IP PBX, which make use of IP network to transmit data. If your business in Dubai is looking to expand the setup, it is good to approach a reliable IP Provider in Dubai, they will get the good telephone system for your enterprise.

Delivering an effective solution with the Grandstream IP PBX telephone systems Dubai- UAE

Grandstream UCM series of telephone systems (IP PBX’s) are known for its high performance. It brings advanced features and easy to manage solutions to the businesses. Perfect for small and medium business environments, the Grandstream telephone systems delivers unparalleled performance in the most demanding conditions. The Greens Telecom Dubai UCM series consists of the models UCM6100, UCM6200 and UCM6510 series.

UCM6510 Series: This series bring easy to manage and customizable unified communication and security protection to businesses. The systems are powered by advanced hardware and software applications. It supports 2000 users and does provide complete communication solution.

Some of the features include:

  • Up to 200 concurrent calls
  • Quick set up
  • Extensive security protection
  • 2 FXS port support

UCM6200 series: it has been designed to provide a centralized solution to the business. It provides an enterprise-grade solution and other mobility features in a single platform. The series enable a business to unify the technologies such as the video calling, video conferencing, data tools and mobility options. Some of the features

  • Support 500 users (UCM 6202 and 6204)
  • 30 to 45 concurrent calls (UCM 6202 and 6204)
  • Tracking phone usage facility
  • Recordings accessible through web browser
  • Good security protection

UCM 6100 series also bring the unified communication and security protection to the business. It also supports 500 users and up to 60 simultaneous calls. The series is equipped with advanced protection mechanism which prevents any kind of network attacks.

  • Call detail records
  • Call recording facility
  • Call queue and SIP video
  • Voice mail
  • 32 conference attendees